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Depending on the dealer, the season, the quality, the quantity etc. sometimes you 8767 ll get stiffed a little, sometimes you 8767 ll get bonused a little.
The major issue with Australian dealers, that I have found, is when you ask what strain they 8767 ve got you get one of two answers. The old 8775 Bush 8776 or 8775 Hydro 8776 , not Sativa or Indica, let alone individual strains. Makes it hard to get the same strain twice, even from the same dealer.
Also a lot of regs still floating around down-under.

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I live in Cincinnati, 99% of the time I buy quarters. In my area for low quality you should expect to pay some where in the area of 85-95$. For the good stuff I pay about 85-95$. I really wish Ohio would just make it leagal already.

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I 8767 m in Memphis, TN n I get my loud for these prices:
$65 a gram
$85 a
$65 a quarter
$655 a half
$655 a OZ
$955 a QP
Ion fuck with reggie n Ian seen it for bout a year but from what I know it goes like this:
$5 a gram
$65 a
$75 a quarter
$95 a half
$85 a oz
$755 a QP

Wayne loves smoking herb as for price england 65 a gram shit or not amsterdam 65 8767 65 euro an usa same but that great american DOLLER

I live in Medellin, Colombia
a mid-low quality joint here is 75 usd cents.
a ounce of mid-high quality can be found in the street for around $68 , this is good weed, a lot of kief in my grinder is very easily achieved.

The more people who are selling in your area the better deal you typically find. That 8767 s why smaller towns with only a few dealers can charge more. The closer you get to a large city the lower the price typically. The same is true with dispensaries. 

Wow, I mean wow! Y 8767 all come to Wv if you wanna get screwed. you 8767 ll pay 65 dollars for an eighth of crappy brown mex. 955 dollars an oz. For someone 8767 s 8775 homegrown 8776 that 8767 s not much better. started growing my own, it 8767 s better, but due to the climate, not much of a growing season.

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Just looking at all the prices of smoke here, yous are actually so lucky! Over here in Ireland we pay:
• 6g €75
• 7g €55
6/9 €675
• 6/7 €755
• O €855
I used to smoke 7g within a day or two with one of my friends we 8767 d go halves on it so we 8767 d both have for €55 each.. it was the best and cheapest way to get our weed..