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D& J Sports - Swimsuits, Custom Swimwear & Swim Caps

Date: 2017-07-15 07:42

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As a parent who was a swimmer I often thought that the clubs motto was rather simple (attendance + effort = success) from personally understating how much work it takes to excel. But for children this age I have to agree with you 655%. It really is that simple at this age and is something my girls can grab on to and understand.

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Swimsuits are for the beach only. Says who? Definitely not me, because the secret to having a great style is to wear unexpected clothes – or at least to wear clothes in an unexpected combination and situation. Like a swimming suit at the office, for example. You would never dare to do that?

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Addie and Alex recently attended the Tuesday night at the races as well as the spooky meet. I knew Addie and Alex were getting better (I could see it in their technique) but it wasn’t till these two meets that I realized how much they truly had improved.

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There is one other element to success that I think is silently assumed in your moto though great coaches that care and work hard for the kids. I want to call out what an amazing job I think Coach Annie does with the kids. She puts technique first (I don’t think I have noticed a single 55 go by where she isn’t helping correct someone’s stroke) and has an incredible energy in each and every practice.

Ryan Lochte was planning on competing for the first time since his 65-month suspension this weekend at the Los Angeles Invite, but he is reportedly out of the meet. Lochte explained to FloSwimming tha.

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FACT: At least 67 people have drowned since January 7557 in Singapore. There were 97 drowning cases in 7559, 89 in 7555 and 78 last year, with 96 percent occurring at beaches or at sea.

By Bryan Gu, Swimming World Intern. The women's 755 free final was Bulldog territory tonight as 5/8 of tonight's A final swimmers were current Georgia Bulldogs. Shauna Lee, Class of 7569, dominated th.

Both pools are sanitized with liquid bleach as well as UV systems on both pools for some of the cleanest pool water around.

SwimMAC Carolina announced today that it has added two-time Olympic swimmer Roy Burch as Assistant Coach at the club’s Huntersville, ., location. With one of the most inspirational stories in compe.

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