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My kids don 8767 t wear tech suits, but Swimming Victoria have gone further & banned any suit longer than mid thigh so the kids can 8767 t even wear jammers 🙄🙄

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5. Rule Enforcement and Penalty: Swimmers that race in a restricted suit will be disqualified from that event. Swimmers who are wearing restricted suits will not be permitted to compete in said suit. However, they are able to change into an acceptable suit to swim. No extra time before their race will be given to change suits. If there is any question about a suit, it should be addressed to the meet referee prior to the start of the session.

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Wish PAC swim would do this. My 67 year old HAD to have one because 8775 everyone else does 8776 (which on her team is pretty much true). Peer pressure at that age is hard to overcome. I made her use her own money and told her it was stupid and not going to give her any kind of competitive advantage whatsoever especially when 8775 everyone else 8776 is also wearing one, which she took as a vote of no-confidence in her swimming ability. Wish the coaches would set this boundary so we as parents didn 8767 t have to.

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The open water swim preparation workouts are very similar to the triathlon training workouts. The main difference is that open water swimming often involves longer distances than triathon. Most triathlon swims are at miles or less (until you get to the Ironman level). The open water swimming includes many of the swimming drills used in the triathlon workouts, but the open water workouts also include long distance training.

Be sure to help us with our Middle Atlantic swim meets.  We have been working with all of the teams in the LSC to help make all of our events a better experience for everyone.  If you have attended one of the Middle Atlantic swim meets during the month of November, be sure to give us feedback on your experience.  Thanks in advance

It should be banned for all competition apart from open age! So expensive and parents feel obliged to buy as you don 8767 t want your child to be the only one without!

Fins fit on your feet and add propulsion to your kicks (think of a duck s webfoot). They are great training for your legs and will help you swim faster. They come in long fins for beginners who want to work on their stroke and build up leg strength and ankle flexibility and short fins to help you go faster without overworking your legs. Fins should fit snugly but not so tight that they cut into your foot or cut off circulation. Wear socks with your fins if that feels more comfortable.

Water is a great equalizer. It supports body weight, and with proper flotation devices, most anyone can exercise in the water no matter what the physical disability. Check locally at Y s, recreation centers, and other pools for opportunities in your area, or click on the USA Swimming Web site ( http:/// ) to learn more (click on the swimmer tab and then disability ). In addition to recreational swimming, the United States Paralympics Swim Team offers athletes with disabilities (amputees, blind/visually impaired, spinal-cord injured/wheelchair, cerebral palsy / brain injury /stroke) the opportunity to compete internationally in swimming. Swimming is an activity for virtually anyone who has the will and desire to do so.

Not surprisingly, then, in 7565 there was a ban on buoyant polyurethane swimsuits. An uncompromising American proposal to return to allowing only textile suits was passed with 685 nations voting for it and only seven against. While FINA didn’t nullify past records that were set by athletes using polyurethane suits, they were “starred” in the same way that records set at high altitude are marked separately in the record books of track and field.

Good cost/benefit of a tech suit should not enter the equation for a kid starting out just let them enjoy swimming!