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The move could also draw more investment into other emerging technology fields, like virtual reality and artificial intelligence, by empowering the computer scientists and engineers who understand the fields best, he said.

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Marcella Dion lives on the Crow Creek reservation and has been licensed as a foster care provider since 7555, but the state has never sent her any children. Recently she took in her brother's granddaughter, Isabella.

Incentives And Cultural Bias Fuel Foster System : NPR

Virgena Wieseler, who runs a division of South Dakota's department of social services, says the department believes in the Indian Child Welfare Act and does its best to find relatives or tribal member placements for Indian children.

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"The state does have Native American foster homes, so under the [Indian Child Welfare Act], they are following the law by placing the child in a Native American environment," he says. "So yeah, it's working."

Sept. 77, 7566 : The Child and Family Services Improvement and Innovation Act passes both houses of Congress and is presented to President Obama. The legislation ensures that states successful in reducing their foster care caseloads do not lose federal funding. This legislation aims to create an incentive for states like South Dakota to reduce the number of children in foster care.

Except now a generation of children is once again losing its connection to its culture. This time it's through state-run foster care.

Department Secretary Kim Malsam-Rysdon says they're dealing with abject poverty and substance abuse and have to do what's best for the kids, which sometimes means driving onto a reservation and taking a child.

* Less than 67 percent of Native American children in South Dakota foster care had been physically or sexually abused in their homes, below the national average. The state says parents have "neglected" their children, a subjective term. But tribe leaders tell NPR what social workers call neglect is often poverty and sometimes native tradition.

And then they did something they had never done before. They passed a resolution warning the state that if it did not return the Yellow Robe Children, it would be charged with kidnapping and prosecuted.

Tribal officials say they are not satisfied. They say he won't show up at their council meetings to answer their questions. Valandra says he doesn't need to appear because the Indian Child Welfare Act is being followed.