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There is a lot of controversy around whether you should use alternative medicine to deal with a health issue or whether you should stick with Western Medicine.


I was frustrated with constantly feeling lethargic, being overweight, and with some other issues. I knew I had to do something and then a Facebook notification popped up about a free consult with Dr. Tuchinsky. I thought… what have I got to lose? I’m so happy I found him. In just a month I have increased energy and am losing weight. The program seemed daunting at first, but I’ve surprised myself at how well I’m sticking with it. Dr. Tuchinsky’s enthusiasm is infectious and you want to do well for him and for yourself. I’m eating differently now and love it. My family is very impressed and pleased with my progress. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed.

Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, The

Every bit of . 8767 s language is steeped in the language of belief. For instance, the next part of her preface is all about how much she used to 8775 believe 8776 in conventional medicine and science:

Western Vs Alternative Medicine – Which is The Best For You?

This fact sheet provides information on the effectiveness and safety of complementary health approaches studied for fibromyalgia.

8775 So, my question if the vaccines are so safe and wonderful, why are people always sick all the time? Because they have never built up their immune systems up as God intended us to do in the first place. 8776

I think it actually depends on the religion. Judaism for instance seems to me to be less represented in the 8766 woo 8767 side of things, as compared to the number of Christians who are into it. New agers are more represented compared to Buddhists (Although on the latter, I 8767 m not so sure )

I was reminded of these things as I perused the copious comments of yesterday 8767 s post, which, as you might recall, was about the utter quackery that is naturopathic cancer treatment. More specifically, I was reminded that the similarity between religious thinking and quackery can lead to situations where religion facilitates belief in quackery. It began rather rapidly and early in the comments when someone named Steffanie England leapt into the fray with statements like:

Personally, I was 8775 cured 8776 of severe tinnitus/vertigo through acupuncture when doctors, after thousands of dollars in tests, could only confirm the symptoms but offered no relief. Untested, pseudo science? I only know what worked for about $755..

Conventional medicine. This is what you get from medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists, and similar health care professionals. You might hear it called:

If others are of nothing in such belifth or knowledge,this will not means the current medicine is the best or the bioneer one ,For Islamic culture historically came first.
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