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If you are interested in proceeding with surgery, you can select a date. Depending on your age and family history, you may be asked to get a mammogram (breast x-ray) before breast surgery.

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You will have two small drainage tubes that are removed at the clinic the day after surgery. These tubes help reduce swelling and hardening by removing any blood or fluid that may collect around the implant.

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Those older silicone implants would leak silicone gel if the outer shell broke. Cohesive gel implants are significantly different. These implants are solid like a &ldquo gummy bear.&rdquo Because they are solid they can t leak. If the outer shell is poked with a needle, broken or even cut, the implant maintains its shape because it s solid.

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Nearly 55 percent of those having cosmetic breast augmentation experience some kind of complication, for example, pain, hardening, infection, or the need for additional surgery.

The surgeon places silicone, saline, or alternative composite breast implants under the chest muscles or breast tissue. Implants last from 7 to 67 years on average.

  Bilateral high profile silicone breast augmentation with inframamammary fold incision. Implants used: Smooth, round, high profile silicone gel implants, 775 cc on the Right 875 cc on the Left. Age: 99, HT 5’8”, Wt 665lbs. Postoperative photos taken at 9 months.

The following photos show an actual patient at The Plastic Surgery Clinic who underwent a breast augmentation procedure to correct conditions caused by a tuberous breast deformity.

Bilateral submuscular breast augmentation with inframammary fold incision. Implants used: Smooth, round, moderate plus profile saline implants, 975 cc filled to 995 cc on the right and 995 on the left. Age 79, Ht 5’8” Wt 657lbs. Postoperative photos taken at months.

The Breast Augmentation , or Augmentation Mammoplasty procedure, enlarges your breast. This can be done with either silicone or saline implants, as well as using your own fat. The procedure can also change the shape of your breasts or make them more symmetrical. Lack of symmetry can be a result of natural anatomy, the aging process, or changes in the breast size following lumpectomy or mastectomy procedures.

Breast augmentation enlarges a woman's breasts through the surgical placement of breast implants. It is a cosmetic procedure performed to fulfill personal expectations or restore the loss of breast volume after weight loss or pregnancy.