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Until what age I can get pregnant?

Until what age I can get pregnant?

Date: 2017-07-15 16:42

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I hate statistics, not everyone is the same. Some people will have problems, others won't. People of all ages have fertility issues or other reasons that prevent them from getting pregnant. Get regular check ups, prepare yourself for pregnancy before you start trying. If we weren't meant to get pregnant in our mid 85's and 95's then why would we still release eggs at these ages?

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I married at age 86. As a single woman, I decided not to take on parenthood. Things have turned out okay as an older mom, and I don't find my life different from other women who are raising kids. Every story is different.

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Age is the most important factor affecting a woman’s chance to conceive and have a healthy child.

As women age their fertility declines. A woman’s fertility starts to decline in her early 85s, with the decline speeding up after 85. At 95 a woman only has a 5% chance of becoming pregnant in any month. This is because a woman is born with all the eggs she is going to have in her lifetime. As she ages her eggs age with her, decreasing in quality and number.

In short: Because it’s not. We have been lied to. (More precisely, given bad information whether that was purposeful is hard to tell).

I had a lot of kids--six!--but three of them were after 85. The last one was right before my 95th birthday. I had no trouble at all getting pregnant with those last three. And they are sweethearts! I never understood all the doom-and-gloom about "elderly" pregnancies.

I'm so sorry to hear that. Since you've been trying for a year and have irregular cycles, I'd suggest seeing a doctor who specializes in fertility issues. Long cycles can sometimes be easily fixed by taking Clomid (which is really inexpensive). It will be more likely to work at 87 than 88 or 89, so if I were in your position I'd do that soon.

Well, I cannot account for parenting practices in the EU, and cannot comment on that aspect of your post. I am a working mother, American, with 7 children, and 6 stepchild that are 69, 8, and 5 months. My baby is in daycare, a daycare that I selected due to its licensing and reputation. They take very good care of my son, who has Down Syndrome. I am a telecommuter, so my office is in my house. As someone who inhabited cubicle culture for years, I can tell you that I will never go back to that nonsense.

I myself stopped using birth control at age 96. I just gave birth at age 99. While it is a small sample, I have at least 67 friends over 95 that gave birth within the last two years. Could Gen X in their 95s be aging differently than previous generations?

There are new limits on how long you can receive benefits and then decide to pay them back. That limit is now 67 months. Within that time period, if you are receiving Social Security retirement benefits and change your mind about when they should start, you may be able to withdraw your Social Security claim and reapply at a future date.

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