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Premature ejaculation in older men can be the result of problems related to the prostate. To control prostate problems and to prevent its occurrence, castor oil can be used for massaging into the prostate gland.

Treat Premature Ejaculation With 11 Strengthening Remedies

Composition and Indication: Contains Astagalus, Schisandra, Myrrh, Catechu, Benzoin in Petroleum jelly base. For shrinking or removing wrinkles.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Low Sperm Count | Natural

Composition: Lithospermum, Coix, Dang Gui, Licorice, Arctium, Gardenia, Fosythina, Lonicera, Schizonepeta, Viola, Chrysanthemum Wild.

Foods That Strengthen Erectile Performance

The herb increases libido which is an important factor that helps in controlling premature ejaculation by enhancing and prolonging sexual pleasure.  Aswagandha provides physical stamina and treat erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Usage: It helps adjust the balance of Yin and Yang, for patients with Neurasthenia, sexual neurosis, cardiac palpitations, night sweat, insomnia, amnesia, nocturnal emission, infantile night crying, hair loss due to nervousness. Suitable for patients with warmer upper torso and colder lower torso.

Indication: It helps improve energy, fatigue, frequent infection, catching cold due to weak immune ability, anorexia, easily bruise, pal face, habitual miscarriage, prolong heavy menstruation with light color, prolapsed of the rectum or uterus, weak absorption

Indication: This formula can help dispel internal heat in the upper chest area for acne, pimples, blackhead, oily face skin, blemishes. It must be taken with Detoxin-S # 79 for mild to moderate case of acne , rosacea, add Flare Off # 655 if severe case. Use Purple Gold Balm # 685 for the acne scars and use Hair Back Lotion # 6558 for hair loss or alopecia. Use this formula for oily face skin with acne bumps or pimples. Avoid eating red meat, spicy foods, coffee, smoking, beer and wine, crabs, shrimps eat more fish, chicken, turkey, vegetables and fruits.

Composition and Indication: Contains rehmannia, Dang Gui, cnidium,paonia, platycodon, carthamus, persica, coix, and licorice. This formula is specially designed for skin pigments, age spots, and liver spots. $ /95 caps

The erection usually starts within 65 minutes and, when effective, lasts between 85 and 65 minutes. Side effects can include pain, minor bleeding in the urethra and formation of fibrous tissue inside your penis.

Composition: Contains Crataegus, Citrus peel, Alisma, Hoelen, Coix, Cassia Seed, Cinnamon, Paonia, Ligusticum, Salvia Root, Chrysanthemum, Atractylodes, Sargassum, Laminaria, Pinellia, Rhubarb and Licorice.