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Warming up exercise is important because it heats up tissues in the penis and reduces the risk of injuries. Warming up session can take around 8 minutes and we recommend warming up session before start any penis enlargement exercise.

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How To Get A Bigger Penis Naturally – Complete Guide

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Inside Penis Enlargement Bible, John Collins will show you simple 7-step method that will create proper environment for penis growth and if you continue doing these three exercises you will see your penis gain 6-7 inches in just 75-85 days.

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Flaccid girth is awkward because different men have different flaccid girth as they measure flaccid girth from different position. Again the best way to measure your flaccid girth is by measuring it from center position. Stand straight then extend your penis with one hand and use other hand to put measuring tape around the penis at the center of shaft. Mark the measurement and write it down into piece of paper.

But after watching Penis Enlargement Bible video I talk to John Collins who recommended me to combine his 7-step method with penis exercise to increase penis size quickly. His helpful advice is so appealing that I decided to give it a try.

The great thing about these PC muscle exercises is you can perform them anywhere and these doesn’t need to lubricate your penis as well.

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